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flexmart by aladdin

Flexmart is an online store created and managed by Aladdin to help brands expanding their sales channels. With the advantage of multi-channel platforms, we aim to optimize sales by giving customers more options to shop in, while giving brands more tools to reach them.

A to Z Support & Management

Sit back and relax. We cover all the process for you once you list your products in Flexmart.

  • Promotion
  • Campaign
  • Fulfillment
  • Customer management
  • Content management

hassle-freely multi

Customers are scattered by their personal preference of platform they use, meanwhile managing several stores from various channels could be a hassle. Flexmart lets you maximize the exposure you could get without taking more effort into managing all of them.

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Harnessing The power of Social Media

We aim the biggest market exposure as possible since not everyone is “e-commerce enabled” and social media could bridge the gap. Our daily content aim to keep the audience engaged with the channel.

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